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Luxury Cars

Luxury Cars

BMW2 active tourer
Mercedes Clase C Peugeot 308 descapotable Peugeot 308 descapotable

BMW2 active tourer

BMW2 active tourer

The BMW 2 Active Tourer disposes of a much larger interior and trunk than those of the series 1. The length of the vehicle is 4,34 meters, the width of the vehicle is 1,80 meters and the height of the vehicle is 1,56 meter.

This vehicle disposes air conditioning, power steering, equipment sport, all the extras, integrated GPS, parking guide, etc.

The interior of the vehicle is very luminous and offers a sensation of amplitude.

One of the vehicle’s characteristics are the displaceable back seats, which can be moved 13 centimeters lengthwise. This contributes flexibility to distribute the available space to the interior and the trunk.

Mercedes Clase C

BMW2 active tourer

The Mercedes C-Class is a quality vehicle. The interior is large and the seats are very comfortable.

The trunk has space for a capacity of more than 450 liters.

The demeanor of the Mercedes C-Class is admirable: it uses suspensions with perfect geometries and its chassis is equilibrated.

The Mercedes C-Class offers comfort, efficiency, safety and smoothness for driving in a sporty, elegant and refined design.

This vehicle stands in the elite of its category.

Peugeot 308 Convertible

BMW2 active tourer

The Peugeot 308 Convertible offers you the possibility to drive in a comfortable and safe way.

This vehicle is esthetically beautiful, but it also has good machinery.

The trunk offers space for 403 liters of capacity when the hood is open.

It has ample space for four passengers, although the front seats are rather more spacious than the back seats.

As it is a convertible vehicle it offers the possibility to take advantage of all the daylight as you drive and to enjoy fresh air without the need of turning on the air conditioning.



The Mini is a vehicle that adapts itself to the driving style of each person.

It has a soft touch and - even though it is a vehicle of small dimensions - the space in the interior is well distributed.

The vehicle is composed by a machinery with three cylinders, which achieves an excellent balance.

The trunk has a capacity of 211 liters and includes a (false/double) bottom (the floor has two different height positions).

The demeanor of this vehicle is agile, efficient and sporty. Because of that it is elected especially by driving lovers.